Barbara Drake has lived in the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Kenya, Bali and Hong Kong. She has travelled extensively worldwide for work and pleasure, speaks French, is conversant in Spanish and has some rusty Swahili. She is currently designing an off-the-grid home in New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula, as part of a native rainforest conservation project, and renovating an apartment on Spain's Mediterranean coastline.

Barbara is an interior and landscape designer, focusing on recycling and the environment, and her work has been featured in US and NZ design magazines and on US television. She has also worked extensively on motion pictures, television drama and commercials, advertising and fashion photography.

Design projects:

2015 - Off-the-grid house and Coromandel rainforest restoration project. As seen in Life and Leisure. Urban apartment redesign to emphasis inner-city living near transport hub, New Lynn, Auckland
2013-14 - Major remodel of 1920s Spanish-style home in South Los Angeles, California. Building gutted, remodelled and landscaped to emphasise sustainability and to reduce living costs, such as power, water and food
2009 - Apartment remodelled in Mt Albert, Auckland, as downscaled urban living space. Featured in NZ House and Garden magazine
2006 - Seventeenth-century city apartment decorated in Montpellier, France
2005 - Two apartments - tower block and suburban - remodelled and decorated in Devonport, Auckland
2004 - Apartment remodelled in Devonport, Auckland. Featured in Your Home and Garden magazine. Interior design of jewellery store on Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles
2003 - Hollywood home featured in Secret Gardens of Hollywood and Private Oases. The desert-Mediterranean inspired garden has courtyard and water features
2002 - Landscape and interior design of music executive's house in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Home and garden featured in House Beautiful magazine
2001 - Designed table installation for Guess Jeans exhibit at the Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids [DIFFA] event in West Hollywood. Home featured on "The Adventurous Living Design Show" for House and Garden TV
2000 - Hollywood home featured on the A&E Channel's "House Beautiful" TV show. Invited to give lecture on "The Relationship between Film Design and Interior Design," held at the D&D Building, New York
1999 - Hollywood home and garden featured in Garden Design magazine. Also featured in the Los Angeles Times magazine
1998 - Created a design concept, including presentation, for a group of themed restaurants commissioned by the Entertainment Design Corporation, Santa Monica, California

Film work as Production Designer in New Zealand:


The Pretender - a political "mockumentary" satire [2005]. Filmed for TVNZ in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown. Director, Jonathan Brough


The Cartel, Los Angeles. Director, Paul Dektor. Product Huggies. Filmed in Auckland
Great Southern Television. Director, Michael Duignan. Product Mainland Butter. Webisodes with Simon Gault. Filmed in Auckland
The Sweet Shop. Director, Melanie Bridge. Product Egyptian Tourist Board. Filmed in location in Egypt

Video installation:

Story Inc. Director, Steve La Hood. Video installation for New Zealand Pavilion at the World Expo, Shanghai, China. Filmed in New Zealand

Television pilot:

Wenderholm. TV pilot [2008]. Director, Greg Page. Flying Fish

Film work as Production Designer in the United States:


Irene in Time - director, Henry Jaglom [2009]. Filmed on location in Los Angeles
Good Sharma - director, Suri Krishnamma [2010. Not yet released]. Filmed on location in New York and India


Dektor Film, Los Angeles - director, Leslie Dektor. Commercial Director of the Year, 1992 and 2001. Commercials include: Levi's, IBM, American Express, American Airways, Bank of America, Sony, Seven-Up, Doctor Pepper, Southern California Edison, Saturn, Mitsubishi, Dean Whitter, Minute Maid, Hampton Inns, Snackwells, General Motors, AT&T, USPS, TCI, Aetna, Bounty along with numerous dot coms etc.
Dektor Film, Los Angeles - director, Paul Dektor. Commercials include: Disney, Agillon,, Babe Ruth, Aetna, Wachovia, Publix, State Farm
Flying Film Productions - director, Betty Crocker. Commercials include: Hampton Inn, Minute Maid and Jones Sausage
Gartner Film - director, Ray Dillman. Commercials: AT&T, PSA
Morton Jankel Zander - director, Annabel Jenkins. Commercials: Southwestern Bell
Mirella Films - director, Michael Cerny. Commercials: Chevrolet
Green Dot - director, Brent Thomas - Commercials: Campbells

Film Work as Set Director in the United States:


Home for the Holidays - director, Jody Foster [1995]. Oscar nomination for Art Direction and Decoration
Diggstown - director, Michael Ritchie [1992]


Flying Fish Productions - director Betty Crocker. Commercials include: Hampton Inn, Minute Maid, Jones Sausage
Gartner Film - director, Ray Dillman. Commercials include: AT&T & PSA
Morton Jankel Zander - director, Annabel Jenkins. Commercials include: Southwestern Bell
Mirella Films - director, Michael Cerny. Commercials include: Chevrolet
Green Dot - director, Brent Thomas. Commercials include: Campbells
Dektor Film - direct, Leslie Dektor. Commercials include: Hewlett-Packard. Filmed on location in China, Egypt, France, Czech Republic and the US in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles
Pytka Film - director, Joe Pytka. Commercials include: Pepsi

Film and photographic stylist work in the United Kingdom:

Films - Set Director:

American Friends - director, Tristram Powell [1991]. Filmed in the UK and Switzerland
Shadow of China - director, Mitsuo Yanagamichi [1990]. Filmed in Hong Kong and China
High Spirits - director, Neil Jordan [1988]

Films - Art Director:

Hero - a cinema short with Ray Winston
Tower of Babel - a cinema short filmed in London

Films - buyer:

Full Metal Jacket - director, Stanley Kubrick [1987] [buyer in Thailand]

Commercials - Set Decorator/Art Director:

Directors in London include Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, David Bailey, Hugh Hudson, Steve Barron, Graham Rose, Roger Woodburn, Barry Myers, Michael Berkofksy, Paul Weiland, Robert Bierman, John Lloyd, Kevin Billington, James Dearden, Jack Gold, Gerry Poulson and Robert Young

Photographic shoots - fashion and advertising stylist:

London-based photographers include Barry Lategan, Clive Arrowsmith, David Bailey, Derek Coutts, Terry Donovan, David Montgomery, Lester Bookbinder, Brian Duffy, David Thorpe, Bruce Brown and Julian Cottrell